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It’s Okay To Take Five Minutes To Write a Novel

It’s ok to take your time. If you can write a novel in five minutes, you’re doing allright. Just be sure you don’t spend much longer on it than that.

How to Scream Inside Your Heart

2020 Eliza So Fellowship winner Tiffany Midge talks about her writing journey during the pandemic, and how sometimes getting out of bed is enough.

Expert Advice

Does publishing a funny book about aging make you an expert? Lyla Blake Ward writes about being seen as a modern day guru on the subject of long life.

The Foolproof Formula for Writing A Murder Mystery

Is the woman in your murder mystery a possession? A victim? Glossy and virginal? If not, you’re going to need these tips to really nail the genre.

Disgruntled Student Who Never Attended Online Composition Course Evaluates Professor Via Her Bitmoji

Thanks to one very creative and surly student, a professor receieves her first (and hopefully only) course evaluation via bitmoji.

This Bullet Journal Will Fix Everything

Nearly every problem, including human imperfection, can probably be solved with a bullet journal. Elizabeth Preston is here to help you start using yours.

Notes from an Undiscovered and Under-loved Writer

Being a successful writer isn’t all it seems. Just ask Stephen Lyons, who believes we aren’t actually up for all that leisure and happiness.

The Writing Routines of Parents Who Attempt to Write

Writer parents have to get creative if they want to get any writing done. Julie Vick offers some humorous strategies from the dark side.

Publishing Bingo Board

Meg Eden decided to do something productive (and hilarious) during a period of intense rejection and this publishing bingo board was the result. Lucky us!