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The Best Research Tool You’re Not Using: A Reference Librarian

In the fifth and final installment of her series on research for writing, Stephanie Loomis Pappas celebrates the value the reference librarian.

Quick Non-Fic: Flash Nonfiction Markets

Are you a writer of short prose looking for flash nonfiction markets that pay? E. J. LeRoy has got you covered with ten winning reccomendations.

Go with the Flow

Great writing is built around good flow. Use these six strategies to keep your writing smooth, your editor happy, and your readers reading.

Five Reasons Why You Should Be Tracking Your Word Count

Are you tracking your word count? Here are five good reasons to start, with strategies for getting started and going strong.

How to Ask People to Blurb Your Book without Fainting from Embarrassment

If you want a great book cover, you’ll have to ask people to blurb your book. It’s scary but you can do it. Here are five tips.

A Road Map for Writing Your Novel or Memoir Synopsis: 5 Tips for Reaching Your Destination

Writing a synopsis for your novel or memoir shouldn’t leave you stranded. Gget on the road with these five tips for succesfully navigating the process.

Timeless Freelancing: How Archival Research Can Help You Survive Rejections

In Part IV of her series on creative research, Stepanie Loomis Pappas encourages writers to capitalize on archives for timeless freelancing.

The Foolproof Formula for Writing A Murder Mystery

Is the woman in your murder mystery a possession? A victim? Glossy and virginal? If not, you’re going to need these tips to really nail the genre.

How to Overcome COVID-19 Writer’s Block 

Has the pandemic left you in a creative slump? J.L. Akagi shares eight tips she hopes will help you overcome COVID-19 writer’s block.