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Creative Ways To Frame Your Rejection

Has your rejection bummed you out? Guest author Zakiya Kassam offers ten alternative (and more fun!) ways to think about getting turned down.

My Manuscript Graveyard

Every writer has a manuscript graveyard, a place where we gently—and often reluctantly—lay projects to rest when it’s time to give up on publishing them.

Wizarding Houses for Writers

What if none of the Hogwarts or Ilvermorny houses seem like a good fit for you? Guest blogger Julie Vick suggests some great alternatives just for writers.

A Day in the Life of a Freelance Writer Attempting to Find a “Real” Job

Guest blogger Aileen Weintraub offers a wild, anxious, funny timetable for a freelance writer in the “real” world job seeking for a day.

2018 Rejection Horror Stories

In honor of Halloween, here are five tales of rejection horror to spark fear in the timid (and recognition in the seasoned submitter).

Writing On a Plane

Guest Blogger Zakiya Kassam enumerates the benefits of writing while in flight, including quiet, discomfort, and limited distractions.

Alternative Response Templates for Editors

Janine Annett shares funny and heart-warming alternative response templates for editors who want to spread some kindness.