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Disgruntled Student Who Never Attended Online Composition Course Evaluates Professor Via Her Bitmoji


Optional Instructor Course Evaluation*

Instructions: Please complete this English composition course evaluation by assigning each statement a response. Do not put your name on this evaluation. We can get a more accurate impression of how you feel about the course and its instructor if you remain anonymous.

1. The objectives of the course were clearly stated.

woman holding "ha ha" sign

2. Instructor demonstrated thorough knowledge of the subject.

Bimoji that says "I got nothing"

3. Instructor was prepared and professional.

bitmoji of woman popping champagne

4. Instructor worked well with students of different backgrounds and opinions.

Bimoji with text: "Hiya dum-dum!"

5. The course material was well-organized and interesting.

bitmoji of talk caption full of "blah blah blah"

6. Instructor-developed resources were clear, well-designed and helpful.

bitmoji of woman throwing papers in the air

7. Instructor used class time to effectively stimulate interest in the subject.

bitmoji of woman asleep on a piece of sushi

8. Instructor gave assignments that helped students solve problems and think critically.

Bitmoji of woman making a "W" for "whatever"

9. Instructor encouraged questions and class discussions.

Bitmoji of woman holding sign that says "No"

10. Instructor was available for office hour visits and by email.

Bitmoji that says "GTFO"

11. Instructor maintained regular contact with me during course.

Bitmoji that says "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

12. Would you recommend this course to other students.

Bitmoji that says "Hilarious"

13. What suggestions would you make for improving this course?

Bitmoji that reads "Stay Home"

*No Bitmojis were harmed in the making of this article.

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Jen Karetnick (Guest Blogger)

Based in Miami, Jen Karetnick writes in a wide variety of genres. Her satire has appeared recently in McSweeney’s, Points in Case, and The Belladonna; her journalism in Heated, NPR, and Shondaland; and her poetry in Barrow Street, Michigan Quarterly Review, and Under a Warm Green Linden. She is the author/co-author of 20 books, including her latest collection of poetry, The Burning Where Breath Used to Be (David Robert Books, September 2020), and the co-author of the newsletter Dishtillery. Co-founder and managing editor of SWWIM Every Day, Jen is currently a Deering Estate Artist-in-Residence for playwriting. Find her on Twitter @Kavetchnik and Instagram @JenKaretnick, or see jkaretnick.com.