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A Lady Writer’s Guide to Freelancing in the Time of COVID

As a lady writer in the time of COVID, be prepared to embrace suffering, sleep badly, multi-task like a mother, and accomplish little.

5 Literary Cartoons by Ali Solomon

From a bookish pig to the sorting hat for delicates, literary cartoons by Ali Solomon are good fun for overly serious writerly types and everyone else too.

7 Tips For Dealing With Rejection

Are you a creative who has trouble when your projects are met with a big giant NO? Here are seven wonderful tips for dealing with rejection.

8 Deliciously Guilt-Free Writing Distractions 

These eight delectable writing distractions are guaranteed to boost mood and increase productivity—provided you can enjoy them in moderation.

Less Famous Second Lines From Great Works of Literature

Sure, you might know the first line of ‘Moby Dick.’ But do you know these less famous second lines from great works of literature?

Magnum Opus

Gargi Mehra’s “Magnum Opus” is a must-read, or at least that’s what she thinks editors should know. At least once, or maybe twice. Three times?

2019 Rejection Horror Stories Part 1

Rejection Horror Stories are back, with more literary bad blood and a whole lot of terror. Enjoy Part 1 which features tales from five guest writers.

Its Time For My Weekly Writing Newsletter And I Have Nearly Given Up

Welcome to my weekly writing newsletter! I know it’s been six months since I’ve sent this out, but I have just been so busy plowing through TV shows…