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2020 AT&T Film Awards Winners

Please join Submittable in congratulating nine exceptional filmmakers, winners and finalists in the 2020 AT&T Film Awards.

Congratulations to 2020 Eliza So Fellowship Winner Tiffany Midge

Guest judge Heather Cahoon selected Tiffany Midge as the 2020 Eliza So Fellowship Winner for her manuscript “The Urban NDN Women’s Guide to Dating.”

We’ve Torn Down the Wall (to Discover)

Discover, Submittable’s marketplace for opportunities, is now publicly available for anyone to browse, whether or not they have a Submittable account.

Thank You for Sharing: A New Shareable Reviews Feature

Submittable’s new Sharable Reviews feature makes it easy to receive valuable information regarding your submission or application. 

Go Team: It’s Collaboration Time

With new collaborative features, submitters and applicants can now work together in real time to create and edit shared submissions.

Welcome to the 2020 Eliza So Fellowship

We’re delighted to announce Submittable’s 2020 Eliza So Fellowship, supporting one Native American writer’s book project with a residency in Missoula, MT.

Great Guest Blogs from 2019

Please join us in a look back at great guest blogs from 2019 focused on writing, film, photography, creativity, rejection, and humor.

#Rejection100 Is Collecting 100 Rejections in One Year. Join Us!

In 2020, celebrate rejection (and find success) by joining #Rejection100 and trying to collect 100 different rejections throughout the year.