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A Case for Working a Job You Don’t Love

Office jobs have taken writer Zakiya Kassam out of a constant state of transit—here she offers other benefits to working a job you don’t love.

7 Ways To Cast a Film On A Budget

Veronika Claghorn offers seven tips to ensure you get the best actors possible for your film, even if you cast a film on a budget.

There’s No Such Thing as a Blog Post

Stephanie Loomis Pappas offers advice on using genre to improve blog ptiches, submitted content, revisions, new writing, and websites.

Chasing Portraits: A Website, a Book, and a Film in Search of Heritage

David Licata interviews Elizabeth Rynecki about researching her great-grandfathers artistic legacy and “Chasing Portraits.”

5 Benefits of Teaching Traditional Photography Techniques

Ellen Levitt recalls her start in the darkroom and argues for the persistant value of traditional photography techniques in higher education.

7 Reasons to Join a Photo Collective

As Joe Flood observes, by forming a photo collective, photographers can pool their talents and expertise to make a larger impact.

Lessons I Learned in Writing My #Metoo Story

Aaron Hamburger discusses what he discovered using his #metoo experience to write both fiction and nonfiction—there were costs but also rewards.

Flash Novella Recipe

Rebecca Dempsey offers her (delicious) recipe for the flash novella, a great way to make use of the bits and pieces of writing you’ve collected.

8 Tips For Marketing Your Film Production

Actor, writer, and filmmaker Jackie Jorgenson offers eight fun and effective strategies for marketing your film production.