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Sci-Fi Sim Subs

Many speculative fiction venues prohibit simultaneous submissions but not all do. E.J. LeRoy offers a list of markets to try with your latest and greatest.

Creative Identities Are Like Belly Buttons

Creative identities are like belly buttons for three reasons: 1. Everyone’s got one. 2. They’re unforgivably wacky. And 3. They’re both related to scars.

Three Tips for Sound Editing and Mixing Your Own Movie

The post-production sound process is essential to delivering a polished film. Travis Mills offers three tips for filmmakers on a budget.

To the Next Queer Indigenous Eliza So Fellowship Recipient

2019 Eliza So Fellow Lehua Taitano talks story, what you can expect from a writing residency, the importance of community, and more.

How and Why I Blog About My Writing

Can you benefit from sharing your writing goals? Ratika Deshpande discusses the value of blogging about your writing, sharing your failures, and more.

Improve Your Writing While Gaming

Josh Holton explores how video games and writing can overlap with specific storytelling examples from gaming and advice on how to apply them to your writing.

How Accepting Mediocrity Helped Me Become a Better Writer

Allison Kelley discusses her journey to accepting mediocrity and how it ultimately gave her more confidence as a writer.

On Dragonflies, Poetry, and Playwriting

2019 Eliza So Fellow Alan Pelaez Lopez discusses writing and editing their manuscript in Missoula, MT and how location can inform and change a project.

Yes, Another Streaming Service, But This One You’ll Want to Subscribe To

David Licata interviews founding partner of OVID.tv and Vice President of First Run Features, Marc Mauceri, about a new streaming service with independent, arthouse, documentary, and social issue films.