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Joining a Writing Critique Group

Writing critique groups offer a unique chance to better your writing. Writer Virginia Brackett talks through their benefits, challenges, and guidelines.

Monsters vs. Villains

Monsters and villains aren’t as similar as you might think. Isabel Armiento outlines their three most significant differences in works of fiction.

There’s an Anthology for That

Have you exhausted your publishing options? Consider submitting to an anthology for a unique edge.

Three Tips for Working with First-Time Actors

Casting a first-time actor can be surprinsigly rewarding—Travis Mills offers tips for working with less experienced performers in your film project.

How to Write a Compelling Novel Synopsis

A synopsis is a personal pre-publishing summary authors use to pitch agents and editors on their novel. Andrea Johnson offers tips for crafting a great one.

7 Ways To Mine Your Neighborhood for Photography Opportunities

There’s no need to travel far in search of inspiration—Kelsey Zimmerman offers tips for seeking out photography opportunities in your own neighborhood.

5 Tips for Getting the Book Cover You Love (Or at Least Can Get Behind)

Five tips from Kimi Eisele on working towards a book cover you can feel good about, including research, communication, and a mock up.

Summer Weather Upon Us? Bring On the Retronyms!

Summer can be a slow season for writers. Caren Lissner takes the chance to talk about all the retronyms we use during the summer months and why we use them.

A Summer Photographing New Jersey Transit

D.R. Baker spent one summer riding and photographing New Jersey Transit twice daily—and posting one photo a day of the interstate railway for 48 days.