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Submishmash Weekly: ‘Secured with a small red wax seal’

Publishing & Creative News Who was Rick Stein and where is he […]

Submishmash Weekly: ‘Warnock Pro and Zapf Dingbats’

Publishing & Creative News Welcome to seven special dollhouses (Artsy). Kim Sagwa: […]

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Publishing & Creative News Google tries to make up with photographers (VentureBeat). […]

Submishmash Weekly: ‘Magnificently in a fancy casserole dish’

Publishing & Creative News Write horror, with advice from eleven terror-specialists (Bustle). […]

Submishmash Weekly: ‘Ethereal blooms of synth’

Publishing & Creative News Musician Yoko K. Sen reimagines medical beeping (STAT). On […]

Submishmash Weekly: ‘Yes, you’re going the right direction’

Publishing & Journalism Popular person-as-animal similes in illustration (Brain Pickings). ‘We’re deeply sorry […]

AT&T Film Awards Launches New Contest for Emerging Filmmakers

The AT&T Film Awards powered by Submittable launched the 5th […]

Submishmash Weekly: ‘Impromptu, spontaneous, anecdotal’

Publishing & Journalism A revelatory memoir by Lisa Brennan-Jobs, daughter of […]

New Photography Contest Offers $3,300 in Cash Prizes

Did you capture that perfect outdoor photo this summer?  We’ve […]