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Chris Cilfone on The Next Generation: Nat Geo Wild to Inspire Finalist

Filmmaker, Chris Cilfone talks with Submittable about his film, The Next Generation, and what it’s like to be a Nat Geo Wild to Inspire Contest finalist.

Adam Clayton on Becoming Borderless: Nat Geo Wild to Inspire Finalist

Nat Geo Wild to Inspire Short Film Contest finalist, Adam Clayton, shares with Submittable his inspirations, challenges, and aspirations as a filmmaker.

Creative Submittable Employees: Advice for Filmmakers

Submittable employees share their advice for filmmakers based on their own experiences with filmmaking and working at Submittable.

Inspiration for Your Next Mini-Documentary

Inspiration and tips for creating your next outdoor-focused mini-documentary, from bicycling to deep sea diving to golfing and more.

#Rejection100 Is Collecting 100 Rejections in One Year. Join Us!

In 2020, celebrate rejection (and find success) by joining #Rejection100 and trying to collect 100 different rejections throughout the year.

To the Next Queer Indigenous Eliza So Fellowship Recipient

2019 Eliza So Fellow Lehua Taitano talks story, what you can expect from a writing residency, the importance of community, and more.

How and Why I Blog About My Writing

Can you benefit from sharing your writing goals? Ratika Deshpande discusses the value of blogging about your writing, sharing your failures, and more.

Improve Your Writing While Gaming

Josh Holton explores how video games and writing can overlap with specific storytelling examples from gaming and advice on how to apply them to your writing.

How Accepting Mediocrity Helped Me Become a Better Writer

Allison Kelley discusses her journey to accepting mediocrity and how it ultimately gave her more confidence as a writer.