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Zero to One Hundred Fifty: Lessons from Submitting This Year

Guest blogger and Eliza So Fellow Sheree Winslow shares the knowledge she gained about literary submitting by going for it with gusto in 2018.

Write Right Now (Sweet Treats)

This week’s creative prompts are inspired by the sweet treats and sugar that often pervade the holiday season. Enjoy ten new ideas for generative writing.

Write Right Now (Look Up!)

This week’s creative prompts take inspiration from the splendors of the sky and space. Take a few minutes, or more, to ponder the starry beyond.

Write Right Now (To Build and Be Built)

This week’s creative prompts focus on architecture, buildings, materials, and construction – the many facets that inspire building and how we build.

Finding Creativity in the Unfamiliar

It’s startling what a change of scenery can do for a writer’s brain and creativity. It’s like a match lighting over and over again in my mind.

Giving Up

Guest writer Donna Trump discusses the value of abanoning one path in pursuit of another. Hint: you might wind up getting exactly what you wanted.

Quilt Right Now

For this week’s prompts, Asta So offers creative ideas for composition inspired by the intricate and ancient art of quilting.

Write Right Now (Body Language)

This week’s creative prompts focus on the body and body language. Try one of ten suggestions as a starting point for new writing or other artistic work.

Making an Animated Short Film: Bringing Death to Life, Part 2

Part 2 of Clara Lehmann’s in-depth blog regarding the final steps for making an animated short film with partner Jonathan Lacocque.