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Write Right Now (For Art’s Sake!)

Visual art is the ultimate inspiration for writing. Try a few of these creative prompts to explore where artistic observation and experiment can take you.

Making an Animated Short Film: Bringing Death to Life, Part 1

Clara Lehmann discusses creating an animated short film with partner Jonathan Lacocque. This in-depth blog for filmmakers will be released in two parts.

Write Right Now (High Tech)

Try out ten new creative prompts designed for writers and artists, themed this week around the possibilites of computer technology.

Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Paper

When you’re feeling like the least successful person you know, it’s useful to pull back and think just about your own work, outside the context of your peers.

Write Right Now (Fair Game)

Whether we’re talking about the concept (fair) a ticket payment (fare) or a wonderous place (the fair), this collection of creative writing prompts could lead to your next great story.

Write Right Now (and Learn)

Welcome to the back-to-school edition of Write Right Now, where we give you a handful of writing prompts (all about school) that can kickstart your creative process.

Write Right Now (and Grow)

Writing often leads to growth and growth often leads to writing. This week on Write Right Now, we’re suggesting ten writing prompts all about getting bigger and better.

Write Right Now (On Ice)

Need a writing prompt ASAP? In this Write Right Now, the theme is ice, and we have ten slick, shiny promps that could spark your next great story or poem.