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10 Ways To Find and Create Meaningful Photography Projects  

From her own experience documenting “lost synagogues,” Ellen Levitt shares ideas for how to create meaningful photography projects.

How to Write When Life is Sad and Wretched

Life can throw Hefty bags full of garbage at you. So while you’re trying to manage all the rubbish, how do you find the time—and the motivation—to write?

How I Organize My Writing Projects

If you write every day for three years, you generate a lot of material. Ratika Deshpande discusses her strategy for keeping her it all organized.

“Wild Lines:” Getting Your ADR During Production

Travis Mills discusses the value of “wild lines” in filmmaking to ensure Automated Dialog Replacement is as seamless as possible.

A Case for Working a Job You Don’t Love

Office jobs have taken writer Zakiya Kassam out of a constant state of transit—here she offers other benefits to working a job you don’t love.

7 Ways To Cast a Film On A Budget

Veronika Claghorn offers seven tips to ensure you get the best actors possible for your film, even if you cast a film on a budget.

There’s No Such Thing as a Blog Post

Stephanie Loomis Pappas offers advice on using genre to improve blog ptiches, submitted content, revisions, new writing, and websites.

Dear Submitter/Dear Organization: Top Tips from the Other Side

Submittable connects organizations and submitters: like any good relationship, sometimes each member of a couple has ideas for how the other can improve.

7 Reasons to Join a Photo Collective

As Joe Flood observes, by forming a photo collective, photographers can pool their talents and expertise to make a larger impact.