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Opportunities for Young Writers in 2020

There are plenty of opportunities for young writers in magazines, literary journals, and anthologies specifically seeking work from children and teens.

5 Tips for Press Attending the Sundance Film Festival

For those of you lucky enough to obtain press credentials, here are five tips for press attending the Sundance Film Festival.

Great Guest Blogs from 2019

Please join us in a look back at great guest blogs from 2019 focused on writing, film, photography, creativity, rejection, and humor.

Newsletters by Writers: Should You Start Your Own?

Email newsletters by writers are becoming increasingly popular. Should you start your own? Anne Holub offers insights into the trend.

7 Tips For Dealing With Rejection

Are you a creative who has trouble when your projects are met with a big giant NO? Here are seven wonderful tips for dealing with rejection.

8 Deliciously Guilt-Free Writing Distractions 

These eight delectable writing distractions are guaranteed to boost mood and increase productivity—provided you can enjoy them in moderation.

Interview: “The Chef” Filmmakers Talk Storytelling, Rejection, and Qualifying for the Oscars

Ithaca Deng and Hao Zheng discuss their short film, “The Chef,” as well as their creative process, inspirations, and how it feels to be in consideration for an Oascar.

Interview: ‘Things That Fall’ Creators Talk Inclusion, Representation, and Qualifying for the Oscars

‘Things That Fall’ filmmakers Sy Huq and Rafaella Biscayn talk about their journey from winning at the AT&T Film Awards to qualifying for the Oscars.

Researchstorming: How to Research Before You Write

Being a good researcher requires both self-awareness and creativity. Here are tips for how to research before you ever put pen to paper or pixels to screen.