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Ten Lessons Learned from Publishing a Niche Literary Anthology

The co-founder of a small press devoted to animal and environmental literature shares his tips for publishing a literary anthology.

Five Reasons Film Festivals and Script Competitions Benefit Screenwriters

Will Mullins offers five ways film festivals and script competitions provide an alternative approach for screenwriters looking to advance their careers.

Storytelling for VR

Christine Yunn-Yu Sun shares her learning from a workshop on storytelling in VR designed specifically for individuals new to the technology.

5 Ambient Noise Generators for Writers Who Can’t Work in Silence

Cynthia Kaserkie discusses five great sources for diverse ambient noise to fuel your writing when you can’t (or don’t want to) get to the coffee shop.

How to Finish Your Film

Filmmaker David Licata offers creative suggestions for collecting the funds that will allow you to finally finish your film project.

Being a Savvy Submitter, Part I

If you’re interested in being a savvy submitter, Nausheen Eusuf offers six major considerations for selecting where to send your creative work.

Five Reasons Publishing Short Pieces Keeps Me Motivated for Long Projects

Guest Blogger Laura Chanoux discusses the value of working on small projects (essays, humor writing) while contuing to revise her novel.

Making an Animated Short Film: Bringing Death to Life, Part 1

Clara Lehmann discusses creating an animated short film with partner Jonathan Lacocque. This in-depth blog for filmmakers will be released in two parts.

Literary Lessons Learned from Being a Professional Wrestler

This week’s Submittable guest blogger discusses what he learned about writing while wrestling as the “Stunning” Tyler Dunning.