Looking for application management software? Learn about Submittable for organizations. Learn about Submittable for organizations.

Publication Venues for LGBTQ+ Writers

Guest author E.J. LeRoy offers in-depth suggestions for submitting to 13 markets seeking actively work from LGBTQ+ writers.

Writing with Kids: Why Everyone Should Have a Junior Research Assistant

These days so many of us are writing with kids. Part III of our creative research series shares three ways to inviolve little ones in your research.

5 Ways Freelancing Can Improve Your Creative Writing

Ifediba Nzube shares from her experience with content and short stories, offering five ways freelancing can improve your creative writing.

6 Tips for Submitting Your Research Proposal

Tips for submitting your research proposal, from Project Management Institute. Learn what organizations like PMI look for in a research proposal.

COVID-19 Creative Calls for Submission

Sharing writing and art can be an antidote to fear and uncertainty. Check out organizations with COVID-19 creative calls for submission through Submittable.

Between Assignments

Wondering how to occupy yourself between assignments? Divya Rai offers seven suggestions for personal development and productivity during slow times.

Suggestions for Emerging (or Broke) Filmmakers

Lack of money can be an asset if it forces you to find new ways of doing things. Explore these creative suggestions for emerging filmmakers on a low budget.

So you want to be an obituary writer?

Succeeding as an obituary writer is all about honoring who the deceased was, how they lived, and what they meant to the people closest to them. 

Using Writer’s Block to Help Your Writing Career

In the midst of writer’s block, instead of despairing ask yourself: What can I do today that will continue to move my career forward?