5 Ambient Noise Generators for Writers Who Can’t Work in Silence


Many writers find it hard to get their creative juices flowing in complete silence. Why do you think so many of us flock to the nearest coffee shop like it’s the only source of caffeine for miles, even though most of us have our own machines at home (because who can live without coffee)? Still, getting out can be hard for some writers, namely those with other responsibilities, so I’ve compiled a list of my five favorite background noise generators to listen to while I’m writing… and sipping my own homemade caramel macchiato frappuccino with two pumps of vanilla.

1. myNoise

images from myNoise website

myNoise is the holy grail of ambient noise generators (hence why it’s number one on the list). Anything you could want to listen to is on this website, from crashing ocean waves to coffee shop conversations. And the best part: you get to play with the volume of different sounds within the soundscape you’re listening to. Pretty cool, right? This website is totally free and easy to use; the only downside would be getting lost in all the different options!

2. Hipstersound

image from Hipstersound website

Hipstersound is another great website for ambient noises, especially different variations of cafes. There are loads to choose from and again, you can adjust certain sounds to layer on top of your coffee shop sounds. The sleek, minimalistic design keeps you from getting too distracted, and there are just enough options to ensure variety but keep you focused. The only problem is that to unlock all the soundscapes, you have to buy a premium version of the site. The free ones are definitely worth checking out, though.


image from YouTube playlist

I know what you’re thinking: YouTube? Why would she recommend YouTube, everyone knows what that is! But listen: there are so many videos to listen to, some even hours on end. You can find Hogwarts Common Room soundscapes (yes, even Hufflepuff), thousands of hour-long indie music playlists, and every piece Hans Zimmer has ever composed (for when that intense scene needs a little extra oomph). My favorite channels for music are ‘BLUME,’ ‘alexrainbirdmusic,’ and ‘ASMR rooms.’ All three make tons of hour-long playlists that are perfect for background music.

4. Ambient Mixer

image from Ambient Mixer website

Ambient Mixer is yet another wonderful site for fandom-based soundscapes. This unique website includes a whole community of people who have created a variety of soundscapes, from Rivendell to the TARDIS to the grounds of Hogwarts. While this website doesn’t feature the sleek, minimalistic design of a few others, the great community and countless options make up for it entirely. Just try not to get lost making your own perfect soundscape!

5. Relax Melodies

Image from Relax Melodies download

I decided to mention my favorite ambient noise app, Relax Melodies, for those of you who’ll be writing on the go. To unlock every soundscape, you have to buy the premium version, but the free version has more than enough options to choose from, especially as far as nature sounds go. There are literally six different free ocean soundscapes.

This app is designed to help you fall asleep better, so if you’re a night writer, I wouldn’t recommend using it, or you might fall asleep with a pen in your hand! But it’s great for on the go, writing peaceful scenes, and sleep (sleep is important, regardless of how much caffeine aids you throughout your day).

Cynthia Kaserkie (Guest Blogger)

Cynthia Kaserkie is a life-long writer, amateur musician, and a lover of all things food-related. She spends most of the time ignoring any schoolwork of hers in pursuit of writing a young adult dystopia trilogy and attempting to roll her own sushi.