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Film Opportunities: January & February

Beginning this year, Submittable is excited to highlight outstanding organizations […]

The 2018 Eliza So Fellowship

Submittable is thrilled to announce the second annual Eliza So […]

Keep Pitching

Game 6 of the 1986 World Series is a famous […]

Notes On a Nine-Year Submissions Spreadsheet

There’s this thing I like to do in the creative […]

Rejection Rules

As I survey my Submittable Submissions page, I count two […]

What I Learned From a Literary Agent

Karalyn Morris was one of two winners during Submittable’s Post-MFA […]

Read the Comments: Advice for Bloggers

Plenty of blogging support groups will tell you not to […]

Calling Time On Procrastination

I love writing. I love squirreling myself away with my […]

Desire to Be Published Was the Culprit of My Writer’s Block

When my children were younger, I wrote them an original […]