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How I Got Published By Using Calls for Submissions as Writing Prompts

Illustration by Josh Quick Back when I was in the MFA […]

When Writers Attack — Terrible Ways to Respond to Rejection

Illustration by Josh Quick Every writer has faced rejection. Every editor […]

Why Every Writer Should Work for a Literary Magazine

Good writers are always looking for ways to improve their […]

Make Your Luck

Author Letitia Moffitt When I get into a conversation about […]

Josiah Wedgwood and the Short-sightedness of Self-publishing

Josiah Wedgwood Josiah Wedgwood (12 July 1730 – 3 January […]

Amazon, Book Publisher

This week, Amazon is launching what appears to be a […]

Slush 2.0

It may not be possible to pinpoint the exact date […]

Reading Fees From a Writer’s Perspective

No one can argue that publishing hasn’t changed drastically in […]