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The Best Research Tool You’re Not Using: A Reference Librarian

In the fifth and final installment of her series on research for writing, Stephanie Loomis Pappas celebrates the value the reference librarian.

Quick Non-Fic: Flash Nonfiction Markets

Are you a writer of short prose looking for flash nonfiction markets that pay? E. J. LeRoy has got you covered with ten winning reccomendations.

Chris Cilfone on The Next Generation: Nat Geo Wild to Inspire Finalist

Filmmaker, Chris Cilfone talks with Submittable about his film, The Next Generation, and what it’s like to be a Nat Geo Wild to Inspire Contest finalist.

Adam Clayton on Becoming Borderless: Nat Geo Wild to Inspire Finalist

Nat Geo Wild to Inspire Short Film Contest finalist, Adam Clayton, shares with Submittable his inspirations, challenges, and aspirations as a filmmaker.

Creative Submittable Employees: Advice for Filmmakers

Submittable employees share their advice for filmmakers based on their own experiences with filmmaking and working at Submittable.

7 Tips For Dealing With Rejection

Are you a creative who has trouble when your projects are met with a big giant NO? Here are seven wonderful tips for dealing with rejection.

What Do (Fiction) Editors Really Want?

In an effort to better understand what fiction editors really want, David K. Slay analyzes data from fourty-two editor interviews.

Less Famous Second Lines From Great Works of Literature

Sure, you might know the first line of ‘Moby Dick.’ But do you know these less famous second lines from great works of literature?

Magnum Opus

Gargi Mehra’s “Magnum Opus” is a must-read, or at least that’s what she thinks editors should know. At least once, or maybe twice. Three times?