Looking for application management software? Learn about Submittable for organizations. Learn about Submittable for organizations.

Submittable + Skillshare = A Free Online Class for Writers

Submittable recently partnered with Skillshare to create a free class on submission and publishing. Here’s an interview with instructor Rachel Mindell.

Its Time For My Weekly Writing Newsletter And I Have Nearly Given Up

Welcome to my weekly writing newsletter! I know it’s been six months since I’ve sent this out, but I have just been so busy plowing through TV shows…

Paying Markets, Free Sci-Fi

When it comes to sample sci-fi content from paying magazines, finding free speculative fiction online is simply a matter of knowing where to look.

Announcing the 2019 Eliza So Fellowship

The third annual Eliza So Fellowship will offer two month-long residencies in Missoula, Montana, for writers finishing an outstanding book-length project.

My Manuscript Graveyard

Every writer has a manuscript graveyard, a place where we gently—and often reluctantly—lay projects to rest when it’s time to give up on publishing them.

Zero to One Hundred Fifty: Lessons from Submitting This Year

Guest blogger and Eliza So Fellow Sheree Winslow shares the knowledge she gained about literary submitting by going for it with gusto in 2018.

A Day in the Life of a Freelance Writer Attempting to Find a “Real” Job

Guest blogger Aileen Weintraub offers a wild, anxious, funny timetable for a freelance writer in the “real” world job seeking for a day.

Storytelling for VR

Christine Yunn-Yu Sun shares her learning from a workshop on storytelling in VR designed specifically for individuals new to the technology.

What Happens in Vegas

2018 Eliza So Fellow Sheree Winslow discusses writing and editing her manuscript in Las Vegas, and how through this experience, she confronted her past.