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2019 Rejection Horror Stories Part 1

Rejection Horror Stories are back, with more literary bad blood and a whole lot of terror. Enjoy Part 1 which features tales from five guest writers.

Meet AT&T Film Awards Spanish-Language Winner, Miguel J. Soliman

Miguel J. Soliman, winner of the 2017 AT&T Film Awards Spanish-language category, discusses how winning has changed his career as a filmmaker.

Creative Identities Are Like Belly Buttons

Creative identities are like belly buttons for three reasons: 1. Everyone’s got one. 2. They’re unforgivably wacky. And 3. They’re both related to scars.

Three Tips for Sound Editing and Mixing Your Own Movie

The post-production sound process is essential to delivering a polished film. Travis Mills offers three tips for filmmakers on a budget.

To the Next Queer Indigenous Eliza So Fellowship Recipient

2019 Eliza So Fellow Lehua Taitano talks story, what you can expect from a writing residency, the importance of community, and more.

A Way of Looking: Making it in the World of Photography

Previous winners of the BarTur Photo Award share their experiences with photography, plus some advice for new photographers.

Book Review: Jane Friedman’s The Business of Being a Writer

Andrea Johnson reviews Jane Friedman’s book, The Business of Being a Writer, covering what a modern writer’s roadmap to success might look like.

On Dragonflies, Poetry, and Playwriting

2019 Eliza So Fellow Alan Pelaez Lopez discusses writing and editing their manuscript in Missoula, MT and how location can inform and change a project.