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From a Recovering Fanfiction Writer

Guest blogger Loan Lee reflects on her early years writing fanfiction online and how those experiences informed her current life as a writer.

Two Hobbies

In this guest post, Charlie Scott describes how his thinking about writing and surfing (his two favorite hobbies) differ.

Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Paper

When you’re feeling like the least successful person you know, it’s useful to pull back and think just about your own work, outside the context of your peers.

8 Reasons to Walk Away from a Successful Blog

Melinda Fargo offers eight compelling reasons to walk away from (the work required by) an established blog, even if it’s succesful.

2018 Eliza So Fellowship Winners

Our Eliza So Fellowship winners for 2018 are Paul Tran, selected by Sun Yung Shin, and Sheree Winslow, selected by Debra Magpie Earling.