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A Breakup, but for the Best: Submittable’s Blog Goes Plural

Submittable software serves two groups: organizations seeking software to manage […]

Five Reasons Publishing Short Pieces Keeps Me Motivated for Long Projects

For the past six months, I’ve alternated between writing a […]

Making an Animated Short Film: Bringing Death to Life, Part 1

Over the course of two years, Jonathan Lacocque and I […]

When Laws Affect Art about Sex Work

Legislation, even when it doesn’t directly impact art, can still […]

Write Right Now (High Tech)

For this week’s creative prompts, the theme is technology. Take a few […]

Literary Lessons Learned from Being a Professional Wrestler

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From a Recovering Fanfiction Writer

After finishing a good novel, it takes a moment for […]

AT&T Film Awards Launches New Contest for Emerging Filmmakers

The AT&T Film Awards powered by Submittable launched the 5th […]

Two Hobbies

At work the other day someone asked me what my […]