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"Quality Journalism Today"

After posting my thoughts on Chris Hughes and The New […]

Andrew Sullivan and the Limitations of the Subscription Model

This new year, the big news on the “what the […]

Submittable in Y Combinator

Submittable has recently become backed by Y Combinator.  For anyone […]

Make Your Luck

When I get into a conversation about the frustrations of […]

Josiah Wedgwood and the Short-sightedness of Self-publishing

Josiah Wedgwood Josiah Wedgwood (12 July 1730 – 3 January […]

A new name, a new chapter

We started this company three years ago with the aim of creating a simple solution to a digital-age problem. Since then, the platform has been used by over 500,000 people. We have customers in 23 countries. On average 1 million manuscripts, queries, films, songs, portfolios, applications, business plans, and resumes are sent and curated via the platform every month.

The Limits of Capital

By now, lots of people have seen and commented on this […]

Interview with Longshot Magazine Creators Mat Honan & Sara Rich

Longshot Magazine, famously founded in the summer of 2010 by […]

One Year Out: An Editor Talks to Submishmash About His Experience With the Application

Chris Chambers is the editor of the New Orleans Review, a […]