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Pearls Before Swine

Note: This post was originally published on July 27, 2014, […]

The Space Between Poems

Eons ago, in a graduate workshop at the University of […]

Are There Too Many Literary Magazines?

There is no limit to how good we can become as writers. No one has reached the pinnacle of writing, and no publication has set a bar so high that no writer could conceivably reach it. We need these lit mags, not because they give us more places to publish our stuff, but because they give us more reason to create and more opportunity to read that which others have created. There may be plenty of inferior publications out there, but the literary community is stronger than ever today because of the many opportunities made available by the lit mag boom.

This is not checkers… A Short Review of The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

Are you presently struggling with any of the following? You’d […]

Words from the Obsessed

I had a rough Christmas so I decided to try writing love stories again. In the 80’s when I was poor I made my living writing and selling short stories to magazines. I remembered that I used a mechanical typewriter, all the magazines required typed manuscripts and since I wanted to do things the way I used to, 1 went onto eBay and bought a typewriter. I was drunk. I was alone. I was thinking about when I was poor and happy. So I bought a typewriter.

Why Every Writer Should Work for a Literary Magazine

Good writers are always looking for ways to improve their […]

Insufferable Horntooting, Independent Publishers as Antifragile, and We Have the Best Clients in the World

Insufferable Horntooting On Facebook the other day Valerie MacEwan, the […]

Poetry vs. Google Glasses

In his essay “Historical Inevitability,” the political philosopher Isaiah Berlin […]

The Death Star Strikes Back

A few weeks ago, the Christian Science Monitorpublished a cover story on […]