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A Spotlight on Talent: AT&T’s SHAPE, Film Awards, and Create-a-thon

AT&T SHAPE is an annual weekend event that brings pioneering […]

Write Right Now (With Time on Your Hands)

Happy belated summer solstice, peak of long days with much […]

Write Right Now (Lover of Land)

What better time than summer to celebrate the terrestrial. For this […]

2018 Eliza So Fellowship Winners

It is with great excitement that we at Submittable share […]

A Leap in the Dark: Notes From The Studio

I have been making art for almost as long as […]

A Zombie Shuffling into View, or, How to Write a Winning Short Story in 50 Paragraphs

Owl Canyon Press wanted to try something different. As a […]

On The Hidden Machinery: Essays on Writing by Margot Livesey

Margot Livesey’s essay collection The Hidden Machinery is a journey through one […]

10 Lessons Learned from Making Independent Films

I’m currently a California expatriate living in Vermont, but one […]