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Winning at Post-MFA Life


Recent findings have confirmed that there is, in fact, life after the MFA. It is rich with intelligence, acutely ambitious, and really really fascinating.
Thanks to our scientists and scribes on the ground, bold contestants engaged in a strange experiment: Submittable’s first ever What Now? Contest. From palm trees to pot plants, cartoons to waltzes, it’s a plain truth that writers make mean videos.

We’re truly pleased to announce this year’s winners, Eddie Ackerman and Karalyn Morris. Eddie was chosen through public voting and Karalyn was selected by the Submittable team – you can check them out here. Please join us in congratulating them, and accept our warmest appreciation for your participation, voting, and sharing.
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Rachel Mindell

Rachel Mindell is Senior Editor for Submittable's Marketing Team. She also writes and teaches poetry. You can find Rachel's creative work here: rachelmindell.com