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Write Right Now (Lover of Land)

Get read to Write Right Now with our next edition of creative prompts. This time, the theme is land: the places we’ve lived, the places we’ve visited, and the places we want to go.

Write Right Now (Water Edition)

Do you need a writing prompt? In this edition of Write Right Now, the inspiration is water, and we have ten different ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Write Right Now (Yum!)

Yum! This Write Right Now is food focused. If you’re in need of a creative writing prompt, or a little inspiration, choose one of our ideas and run with it.

Write Right Now (To Spring Forward)

This week, our creative writing prompts are all about spring, the time of birth and growth. Pick your favorite prompt, get comfortable, and start writing.

Write Right Now (You’re Family)

So many of our greatest stories begin and end with family. Take a little time, choose one of our family-themed writing prompts, and see where your pen leads you.

Write Right Now (Flash Edition)

Do you need to fit in some writing today, but you only have a few minutes? These lighting-fast flash fiction writing prompts can get you thinking creatively in no time.