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Five Reasons Why You Should Be Tracking Your Word Count

Are you tracking your word count? Here are five good reasons to start, with strategies for getting started and going strong.

A Road Map for Writing Your Novel or Memoir Synopsis: 5 Tips for Reaching Your Destination

Writing a synopsis for your novel or memoir shouldn’t leave you stranded. Gget on the road with these five tips for succesfully navigating the process.

Speculative Reprint Markets for 2020

Speculative reprint markets are few and far between, but this list could help you gain a new audience for your previously published work.

Designing a Multi-Purpose Query Using Topic Headings

You don’t have to start from scratch every time to write the perfect query. Virgina Brackett shares key components of great queries so you can plan ahead.

Empathy and the Magic of Fiction

What does empathy have to do with writing great fiction? Quite a bit, according to guest blogger Alison McGhee, who encourages us to embrace deep questions.

Less Famous Second Lines From Great Works of Literature

Sure, you might know the first line of ‘Moby Dick.’ But do you know these less famous second lines from great works of literature?

Joining a Writing Critique Group

Writing critique groups offer a unique chance to better your writing. Writer Virginia Brackett talks through their benefits, challenges, and guidelines.

Monsters vs. Villains

Monsters and villains aren’t as similar as you might think. Isabel Armiento outlines their three most significant differences in works of fiction.

How to Write a Compelling Novel Synopsis

A synopsis is a personal pre-publishing summary authors use to pitch agents and editors on their novel. Andrea Johnson offers tips for crafting a great one.