Looking for application management software? Learn about Submittable for organizations. Learn about Submittable for organizations.

How to Write a Compelling Novel Synopsis

A synopsis is a personal pre-publishing summary authors use to pitch agents and editors on their novel. Andrea Johnson offers tips for crafting a great one.

How I Organize My Writing Projects

If you write every day for three years, you generate a lot of material. Ratika Deshpande discusses her strategy for keeping her it all organized.

Lessons I Learned in Writing My #Metoo Story

Aaron Hamburger discusses what he discovered using his #metoo experience to write both fiction and nonfiction—there were costs but also rewards.

Flash Novella Recipe

Rebecca Dempsey offers her (delicious) recipe for the flash novella, a great way to make use of the bits and pieces of writing you’ve collected.

Submittable + Skillshare = A Free Online Class for Writers

Submittable recently partnered with Skillshare to create a free class on submission and publishing. Here’s an interview with instructor Rachel Mindell.

Steps to Research Success

Research provides a basis for our writing. While some can be as simple as a phone call or a query, what happens when research gets tough?

Paying Markets, Free Sci-Fi

When it comes to sample sci-fi content from paying magazines, finding free speculative fiction online is simply a matter of knowing where to look.

Critique Partners: Four Steps to Finding That Special Someone

A trustworthy critique partner can help a writer in a variety of ways. Andrea Johnson offers tips for finding the right person.

There’s Life After a Contest: Accept the Challenge and Write with Owl Canyon

Find out about Owl Canyon Press, Hackathon #2, and what fiction contest judges look for in this interview with writer Tom Strelich.