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Writing On a Plane

Guest Blogger Zakiya Kassam enumerates the benefits of writing while in flight, including quiet, discomfort, and limited distractions.

Write Right Now (For Art’s Sake!)

Visual art is the ultimate inspiration for writing. Try a few of these creative prompts to explore where artistic observation and experiment can take you.

Write Right Now (High Tech)

Try out ten new creative prompts designed for writers and artists, themed this week around the possibilites of computer technology.

From a Recovering Fanfiction Writer

Guest blogger Loan Lee reflects on her early years writing fanfiction online and how those experiences informed her current life as a writer.

Two Hobbies

In this guest post, Charlie Scott describes how his thinking about writing and surfing (his two favorite hobbies) differ.

Write Right Now (Fair Game)

Whether we’re talking about the concept (fair) a ticket payment (fare) or a wonderous place (the fair), this collection of creative writing prompts could lead to your next great story.

Write Right Now (and Learn)

Welcome to the back-to-school edition of Write Right Now, where we give you a handful of writing prompts (all about school) that can kickstart your creative process.

3 Writing Mistakes Costing You A Publication (And How To Fix Them)

Mia Nguyen discuss three writing mistakes she noticed regularly as an editor, mistakes that cost the author’s publication.