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Improve Your Writing While Gaming

Josh Holton explores how video games and writing can overlap with specific storytelling examples from gaming and advice on how to apply them to your writing.

A Way of Looking: Making it in the World of Photography

Previous winners of the BarTur Photo Award share their experiences with photography, plus some advice for new photographers.

On Dragonflies, Poetry, and Playwriting

2019 Eliza So Fellow Alan Pelaez Lopez discusses writing and editing their manuscript in Missoula, MT and how location can inform and change a project.

Write Right Now (Peter Piper’s Peppers)

Even if you can’t adjust the temperature outside, warm up by writing from this week’s creative prompts, focused on peppers and spice.  

Write Right Now (Movie Night)

In honor of the Oscars, this edition of Write Right Now is about movie night. Sift through ten creative prompts, pick one or more, and get writing.

Write Right Now (Bugs!)

This week’s writing prompts are inspired by the bug. From entomology to etymology, take a few minutes (or more) to appreciate the minute among us, bugs.

Write Right Now (Super Blood Wolf Moon)

Although this week’s writing prompts take inspiration from the upcoming ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ total lunar eclipse, we hope they serve you well beyond it.

How to Elevate Your Photography (Without Buying Any Gear)

Filmmaker and photographer Aaron Palabyab suggests five ways you can transform your photography from the inside out without spending a cent on gear.

Write Right Now (At the Entryway)

This week’s creative prompts draw inspiration from Janus—take a few minutes, or more, to consider thresholds as you write into the new year.