Looking for application management software? Learn about Submittable for organizations. Learn about Submittable for organizations.

Empathy and the Magic of Fiction

What does empathy have to do with writing great fiction? Quite a bit, according to guest blogger Alison McGhee, who encourages us to embrace deep questions.

Where the Doors Don’t Shut: A Conversation with Ear Hustle and Radiotopia

Ear Hustle is a podcast focused on life inside, and after, prison. Submittable talked with the podcast founders and Radiotopia, Ear Hustle’s network host.

This Bullet Journal Will Fix Everything

Nearly every problem, including human imperfection, can probably be solved with a bullet journal. Elizabeth Preston is here to help you start using yours.

The Best Way to Get More Grants? Volunteer to Read Them

Being a volunteer reader, reviewer, or evaluator of grants can help you craft better grant and residency applications that will up your odds for acceptance. 

Congratulations to 2020 Eliza So Fellowship Winner Tiffany Midge

Guest judge Heather Cahoon selected Tiffany Midge as the 2020 Eliza So Fellowship Winner for her manuscript “The Urban NDN Women’s Guide to Dating.”

Notes from an Undiscovered and Under-loved Writer

Being a successful writer isn’t all it seems. Just ask Stephen Lyons, who believes we aren’t actually up for all that leisure and happiness.

7 Tips for Photographing Flowers

Photographing flowers offers incredible potential for unique and beautiful images. To be sure you’re maximizing each capture, check out these seven tips.

Write Like a Dog

While writing her new book, Gayle Brandeis discovered she could take new ground when she allowed herself to write like a dog.

Seek and You Shall Find: Get More out of Discover

Whether you’re a Submittable old-timer or just joining us, check out some best practices for getting the most out of Discover.