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We’ve Torn Down the Wall (to Discover)


Discover, Submittable’s marketplace of opportunities connecting submitters with organizations, is now available to everyone. 

Since 2017, Discover has been Submittable’s marketplace of opportunities, helping submitters connect with thousands of organizations for everything from grants to contests to workshops and beyond. 

There was a hitch, though: we created Discover as a portal for people who already had a Submittable account to search for new opportunities. And while we were proud to provide that service to our community of users, we unintentionally created a roadblock to those who were new. 

As of this month, Discover is now accessible to everyone, whether or not they’ve already created a Submittable account. Here’s what it means for you. 

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Be part of a growing community

It’s our intention that taking down the sign-in step will help Discover grow as the number one destination for people seeking opportunities to be connected with the organizations providing them. This means over time, you’ll have access to even more of the kinds of calls you are looking for, including:

  • Grants for nonprofit organizations;
  • Relief funds related to COVID-19;
  • Creative opportunities for writers, filmmakers, musicians, and other kinds of artists;
  • Awards honoring professionals and businesses;
  • Exhibitions, conferences, and events (virtual or otherwise);

…and more—all right at your fingertips. 

Share opportunities with friends

If you stumble upon that perfect call—just not for you—it’s now easier than ever to share it with someone you know who would be a perfect fit. When you pass along the link, your friend or colleague will be able to learn about the opportunity without needing to log in. 

Submit as you were

For those of you who have submitted before, nothing will change within your account. Be sure to continue taking advantage of the many ways Discover can help you find the right match: 

  • Search for a topic related to the kind of opportunity you seek.
  • Tags help you find the kind of calls you are looking for, such as COVID19, conference, chapbook, and many, many more. 
  • Follow the organizations from which you don’t want to miss any new opportunities.
  • Save any calls for submissions that you’d like to revisit in the future.
  • Filter by fee or no fee, or to ensure you can meet any applicable deadlines.

New? Come on in—the water’s warm

If you’re new to Submittable, we want you to feel welcome. And we know sometimes creating yet another online account can be a bit of a hurdle as you wonder: What are you signing up for? Will you find anything relevant to you? We hope giving you the chance to look around at the available opportunities before creating your free account will make it that much easier to join us with confidence. 

Also new at Submittable

In case you missed it, we recently launched:

We’re always trying to find ways to help our community get connected with the right opportunity, and we hope these new features, as well as the update to Discover, get you one step closer to finding a great match.

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Natalya DeRobertis-Theye

Natalya is a product marketer at Submittable focused on helping organizations get a ton of value out of the platform. She is a bookworm, adventure enthusiast and card-carrying cat lady as well as a writer and yogi—learn about her practice here: natalyadt.com.