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Following Reed Rickert’s Filmmaking Adventures

Winner of the 2019 Wild to Inspire Short Film Contest, Reed Rickert shares his recent adventures in Peru and Mexico, and discusses his filmmaking process.

Inspiring Newsletter Examples by Writers 

Wondering if you should write an email newsletter? Here are four inspiring newsletter examples, with helpful observations from writers who’ve made the leap. 

Great Guest Blogs from 2019

Please join us in a look back at great guest blogs from 2019 focused on writing, film, photography, creativity, rejection, and humor.

Inspiration for Your Next Mini-Documentary

Inspiration and tips for creating your next outdoor-focused mini-documentary, from bicycling to deep sea diving to golfing and more.

Newsletters by Writers: Should You Start Your Own?

Email newsletters by writers are becoming increasingly popular. Should you start your own? Anne Holub offers insights into the trend.

8 Deliciously Guilt-Free Writing Distractions 

These eight delectable writing distractions are guaranteed to boost mood and increase productivity—provided you can enjoy them in moderation.

#Rejection100 Is Collecting 100 Rejections in One Year. Join Us!

In 2020, celebrate rejection (and find success) by joining #Rejection100 and trying to collect 100 different rejections throughout the year.