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So you want to be an obituary writer?

Succeeding as an obituary writer is all about honoring who the deceased was, how they lived, and what they meant to the people closest to them. 

Using Writer’s Block to Help Your Writing Career

In the midst of writer’s block, instead of despairing ask yourself: What can I do today that will continue to move my career forward?

6 Gems From the 2020 Sundance Film Festival

With over 128 feature-length and 74 short films, it’s important to know which gems from the 2020 Sundance Film Festival you absolutely don’t want to miss.

One of Submittable’s Founders Wrote a Song a Week in 2019 (And Here’s What He Learned)

John Brownell, a musician and a co-founder of Submittable, challenged himself to write a song a week through 2019. Here’s how it went and what he learned.

Compare Yourself to Other Writers, the Right Way

If you compare yourself to other writers, but do it thoughtfully, it could help inspire and motivate you to be your best. Here’s how.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Macro Lens

Looking to try something new? With macro photography, you can to capture everyday objects in unique ways. Here are five reasons why you need a macro lens.

Creative Submittable Employees: Advice for Filmmakers

Submittable employees share their advice for filmmakers based on their own experiences with filmmaking and working at Submittable.

Opportunities for Young Writers in 2020

There are plenty of opportunities for young writers in magazines, literary journals, and anthologies specifically seeking work from children and teens.

5 Tips for Press Attending the Sundance Film Festival

For those of you lucky enough to obtain press credentials, here are five tips for press attending the Sundance Film Festival.