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Publishing Bingo Board

Meg Eden decided to do something productive (and hilarious) during a period of intense rejection and this publishing bingo board was the result. Lucky us!

7 Tips For Dealing With Rejection

Are you a creative who has trouble when your projects are met with a big giant NO? Here are seven wonderful tips for dealing with rejection.

#Rejection100 Is Collecting 100 Rejections in One Year. Join Us!

In 2020, celebrate rejection (and find success) by joining #Rejection100 and trying to collect 100 different rejections throughout the year.

Interview: “The Chef” Filmmakers Talk Storytelling, Rejection, and Qualifying for the Oscars

Ithaca Deng and Hao Zheng discuss their short film, “The Chef,” as well as their creative process, inspirations, and how it feels to be in consideration for an Oascar.

2019 Rejection Horror Stories Part 1

Rejection Horror Stories are back, with more literary bad blood and a whole lot of terror. Enjoy Part 1 which features tales from five guest writers.

Creative Ways To Frame Your Rejection

Has your rejection bummed you out? Guest author Zakiya Kassam offers ten alternative (and more fun!) ways to think about getting turned down.

2018 Rejection Horror Stories

In honor of Halloween, here are five tales of rejection horror to spark fear in the timid (and recognition in the seasoned submitter).