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Unmuting the Sonority of the Written Word: Reading Poetry Aloud

For Karina Lutz, reading poetry aloud has offered joy during quarantine, a gift she shares with loved ones and online in lieu of touring with her new book.

How to Publish a Book of Despairing Poems

Sell sad poems a.k.a when the money required for production and marketing apparently dictates that we behave as if poetry were a capitalistic enterprise.

Submittable + Skillshare = A Free Online Class for Writers

Submittable recently partnered with Skillshare to create a free class on submission and publishing. Here’s an interview with instructor Rachel Mindell.

6 Tips for Successful Poetry Readings

John Sibley Williams offers suggestions for a great poetry readings, including prepartion, enunciation, emphasis, and personality.

A New Take on UGC: Curating Creative Content from Your Community

Not all UGC is created equal. Here’s a case study for how to curate creative content from your community for marketing and PR campaigns.

Apply by March 15: The 1st Annual Eliza So Finish-Your-Book Fellowship

Submittable is excited to offer the First Annual Eliza So Finish-Your-Book Fellowship, which gives a writer the time and solitude to finish a book that’s already in progress.