Looking for application management software? Learn about Submittable for organizations. Learn about Submittable for organizations.

A Way of Looking: Making it in the World of Photography

Previous winners of the BarTur Photo Award share their experiences with photography, plus some advice for new photographers.

Meet Cameo Wood, AT&T Film Awards Emerging Filmmaker

Check out an interview with Cameo Wood, who won an emerging filmmaker prize as part of the 2018 AT&T Film Awards and was honored at AT&T SHAPE.

Paying Markets, Free Sci-Fi

When it comes to sample sci-fi content from paying magazines, finding free speculative fiction online is simply a matter of knowing where to look.

Announcing the 2019 Eliza So Fellowship

The third annual Eliza So Fellowship will offer two month-long residencies in Missoula, Montana, for writers finishing an outstanding book-length project.

There’s Life After a Contest: Accept the Challenge and Write with Owl Canyon

Find out about Owl Canyon Press, Hackathon #2, and what fiction contest judges look for in this interview with writer Tom Strelich.

Creepy Calls—Coming from Inside the House?

A short list of spooky submission calls for creative work, in celebration of the Halloween season and creepiness generally.

A New Take on UGC: Curating Creative Content from Your Community

Not all UGC is created equal. Here’s a case study for how to curate creative content from your community for marketing and PR campaigns.