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Yes, Another Streaming Service, But This One You’ll Want to Subscribe To

David Licata interviews founding partner of OVID.tv and Vice President of First Run Features, Marc Mauceri, about a new streaming service with independent, arthouse, documentary, and social issue films.

History and Horror Noire: An Interview with Director Xavier Burgin

David Licata talks with Xavier Burgin, Director of Horror Noire, about making a feature, race and film in Hollywood, and the horror genre.

Chasing Portraits: A Website, a Book, and a Film in Search of Heritage

David Licata interviews Elizabeth Rynecki about researching her great-grandfathers artistic legacy and “Chasing Portraits.”

An Encounter with the Ephemeral Archive: Thinking Its Presence 2017

Thinking Its Presence 2017, a conference focused on explorations of race, creative writing, and art, was held in October at the UA Poetry Center.