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8 Reasons to Walk Away from a Successful Blog

1. Because we can We shouldn’t feel obliged to keep […]

Submitter Starscopes: Summer Edition

Summertime and Feng Sun Chen is back with more Starscopes. […]

Ten Habits Every Writer Should Avoid

Let’s face it. The goal of every newbie writer is […]

Punk’s Place in Publishing

I was complaining again. I was complaining about all the […]

Guest Post: Write Stoned, Edit Sober

When I lived in New York in my late twenties, […]

It’s Not All About the Money – but Sometimes It Has to Be

In the introduction to her guest blog, Naomi Elster’ claims that ‘financial […]

A Leap in the Dark: Notes From The Studio

I have been making art for almost as long as […]

On The Hidden Machinery: Essays on Writing by Margot Livesey

Margot Livesey’s essay collection The Hidden Machinery is a journey through one […]