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There’s No Such Thing as a Blog Post

Stephanie Loomis Pappas offers advice on using genre to improve blog ptiches, submitted content, revisions, new writing, and websites.

A Day in the Life of a Freelance Writer Attempting to Find a “Real” Job

Guest blogger Aileen Weintraub offers a wild, anxious, funny timetable for a freelance writer in the “real” world job seeking for a day.

Giving Up

Guest writer Donna Trump discusses the value of abanoning one path in pursuit of another. Hint: you might wind up getting exactly what you wanted.

The Dreaded Sample Issue

Guest Writer E.J. LeRoy suggests several publications that provide enough sample content for writers to avoid purchasing a sample issue.

Five Reasons Publishing Short Pieces Keeps Me Motivated for Long Projects

Guest Blogger Laura Chanoux discusses the value of working on small projects (essays, humor writing) while contuing to revise her novel.

Ask Good Research Questions: 5 Tips for Parent Bloggers

Five research and writing tips from Stephanie Loomis Pappas to help parent bloggers ask smart questions and generate strong pieces of writing.