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Residencies Rock

If you’ve ever thought of applying for an artist residency […]

Quilt Right Now

This week’s prompts are inspired by the art of quilting. […]

2018 Rejection Horror Stories

Happy Halloween from Submittable! Thanks to everyone that scared us […]

Submishmash Weekly: ‘Drench the whole thing in sequins’

Submishmash Weekly is a weekly human-curated newsletter bringing news and […]

The Dreaded Sample Issue

“Be sure to read one of our back issues to […]

Submishmash Weekly: ‘The joy, the car payment, the lonely shower’

Publishing & Creative News Who are founders in tech accountable to (WIRED)? […]

Write Right Now (Body Language)

As Maurice Merleau-Ponty observes, “The body is our general medium […]

Being a Savvy Submitter, Part I

In an earlier article, I covered how writers can find […]

Submishmash Weekly: ‘Secured with a small red wax seal’

Publishing & Creative News Who was Rick Stein and where is he […]