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History and Horror Noire: An Interview with Director Xavier Burgin

David Licata talks with Xavier Burgin, Director of Horror Noire, about making a feature, race and film in Hollywood, and the horror genre.

“Wild Lines:” Getting Your ADR During Production

Travis Mills discusses the value of “wild lines” in filmmaking to ensure Automated Dialog Replacement is as seamless as possible.

7 Ways To Cast a Film On A Budget

Veronika Claghorn offers seven tips to ensure you get the best actors possible for your film, even if you cast a film on a budget.

Meet Cameo Wood, AT&T Film Awards Emerging Filmmaker

Check out an interview with Cameo Wood, who won an emerging filmmaker prize as part of the 2018 AT&T Film Awards and was honored at AT&T SHAPE.

Chasing Portraits: A Website, a Book, and a Film in Search of Heritage

David Licata interviews Elizabeth Rynecki about researching her great-grandfathers artistic legacy and “Chasing Portraits.”

8 Tips For Marketing Your Film Production

Actor, writer, and filmmaker Jackie Jorgenson offers eight fun and effective strategies for marketing your film production.

Five Reasons Film Festivals and Script Competitions Benefit Screenwriters

Will Mullins offers five ways film festivals and script competitions provide an alternative approach for screenwriters looking to advance their careers.

Storytelling for VR

Christine Yunn-Yu Sun shares her learning from a workshop on storytelling in VR designed specifically for individuals new to the technology.

How to Finish Your Film

Filmmaker David Licata offers creative suggestions for collecting the funds that will allow you to finally finish your film project.