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The Writing Routines of Parents Who Attempt to Write

Writer parents have to get creative if they want to get any writing done. Julie Vick offers some humorous strategies from the dark side.

A Lady Writer’s Guide to Freelancing in the Time of COVID

As a lady writer in the time of COVID, be prepared to embrace suffering, sleep badly, multi-task like a mother, and accomplish little.

Writing with Kids: Why Everyone Should Have a Junior Research Assistant

These days so many of us are writing with kids. Part III of our creative research series shares three ways to inviolve little ones in your research.

Opportunities for Young Writers in 2020

There are plenty of opportunities for young writers in magazines, literary journals, and anthologies specifically seeking work from children and teens.

Big Ideas for Little Minds: Books to Share

Hannah Bollig from Submittable’s Technical Support team shares her thoughts on reading to children, plus a few special book recommendations. 

Chasing Portraits: A Website, a Book, and a Film in Search of Heritage

David Licata interviews Elizabeth Rynecki about researching her great-grandfathers artistic legacy and “Chasing Portraits.”