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A Breakup, but for the Best: Submittable’s Blog Goes Plural


Submittable software serves two groups: organizations seeking software to manage submissions and applicants, and individuals in search of opportunities. While the platform’s capacity to connect these communities thrills us (we consider it a unique, essential product strength), this versatility can also make talking about the product, and talking to our product’s users, a serious conundrum.

After several months of preparation, Submittable’s marketing team recently made a bold move—we split the company blog in two.

Since 2010, the blog has served as a primary communication tool for reaching both client organizations and our submitter base, featuring a medley of guest posts, interviews, release announcements, feature guides, and field specific articles on publishing, grants, and many other use cases. It was a happy and loving mishmash that also proved difficult for users seeking specific information or discovering Submittable for the first time. It was time to take some space.

Now, visitors to our blogs (two!) will find clean, image-driven interfaces with content specifically designed to suit each audience’s needs, including new sorting tools and tags. We hope you enjoy the update as much as we have so far. 



The Submittable blog for organizations is dedicated to professionals that would benefit from, or are already served by, an online submission management system. Visitors will find articles about grants, scholarships, corporate giving, and contests, as well as inspiration, updates, and tips for using Submittable to accept and review submissions and applications of all kinds.

images of Submittable org-side blog

The shiny new blog for organizations

The new site makes it easy to sign up for our client-focused newsletter and get a free quote on Submittable software. Plus, we’ve included a recommended reading list and free info-packed downloads.



Named for Submittable’s premier opportunities search tool, this new site offers content geared towards our talented base of creative submitters, with an emphasis on writing and filmmaking

Image of submitter-side blog header

The submitter site helps new users get their footing

We also wanted this to serve as a hub for new submitters. The site encourages them to find out more about using Submittable (for free) to search for and submit to opportunities, without having to sort through information aimed at those seeking to purchase the software.

Image of submitter-side blog

Lots of great content for creatives

This new submitter-focused space includes an opportunities list with upcoming deadlines, as well as “Write Right Now“ prompts and our substantial archive of quality guest posts on creativity, publishing, and new media with illustrations by Josh Quick. Visitors can also create an account or sign in, connect with technical support, and subscribe to Submishmash Weekly, a free newsletter featuring creative news and opportunities. And if you’re a writer, we’d love to consider your articles for publication.


Whether you’re looking for articles on scholarship design or dealing with artistic rejection, Submittable wants to assist. We welcome your feedback on the new blogs at any time, and wish you happy reading and discovery!

Rachel Mindell

Rachel Mindell is Senior Editor for Submittable's Marketing Team. She also writes and teaches poetry. You can find Rachel's creative work here: rachelmindell.com