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The Mobile App: Make Way for V2


The newest version of Submittable’s mobile app has arrived and we couldn’t be more excited. Now you can search faster, save smarter, and obsess more easily, thus approaching the pinnacles of submitter-domination. Here’s a closer look at what Version 2 is all about:


With V2, searching through opportunities, and within your own submissions, is more intuitive. Our developers have updated the search bar, filters, and keyboard to help you find what you seek in a snap.


Find the perfect submission call? V2 lets you save in a single step, as well as apply labels to opportunities that will keep you organized. There’s now a single list for saved opportunities, making it even simpler to plan and prepare. Plus, whatever you save in Discover, will show up in the app—and vice versa.


The mobile app thinks way ahead. Before you make a selection, V2 is already loading data, preparing to give you quick access to the information you need.

Look & Feel

V2 is streamlined and prettier than ever. Our team has simplified what you see in any list, while expanding (and improving) the user experience when you click inside an opportunity or submission.


You want contact with the thousands of organizations using Submittable software, each working on a different timeline. Now, users can toggle quickly between ongoing opportunities and those with deadlines for ultimate access.

Let us know how V2 is working for you. Please be in touch anytime by emailing support@submittable.com or through Help –> Contact Us within the app.

Rachel Mindell

Rachel Mindell is Senior Editor for Submittable's Marketing Team. She also writes and teaches poetry. You can find Rachel's creative work here: rachelmindell.com