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Submittable in Y Combinator


Submittable has recently become backed by Y Combinator.  For anyone not familiar with it, Y Combinator is a seed accelerator program started by Paul Graham and friends in 2005 as a ‘new model for startup funding’. Some of the more famous almuni of the program include DrobBox, AirBnB, Disquis, and Weebly.  How it works? Your company applies, is vetted, and then incubated, meaning helped get out the door via advice and cash. In the startup world, Y Combinator was the first program of its kind and is generally through of as the most difficult to get into and most valuable for any company.

Michael FitzGerald

Michael lives in Missoula, Montana, with his wife and two sons. He’s the CEO and one of the founders of Submittable and the author of the novel Radiant Days.